Our CEO in FINN ahead of Farnborough Air Show

"From AI to live-streaming, new technologies are capable of adding ‘wow’ to live events – but it’s the human touch that creates a real sense of belonging."

"Industries of every variety are speculating right now about the impact of both virtual reality and artificial intelligence, with the construction industry considering the reality of human-free construction sites within the next decade, for example. Closer to home, for the aerospace industry, what does the future hold? Leaving aside technology’s impact on engineering and mechanical processes, what might the impact be on the great annual investment in shows and events? Will physical presence at exhibitions have an enduring value in a world of virtually everything?"

Read more from our CEO, Sam Rowe, in FINN ahead of Farnborough International Airshow next week: https://bit.ly/2ulwCu0

NewsElizabeth McAuslan