Bringing the ‘Crafted in Switzerland’ brand message to life.



Exhibition Farnborough, Paris, Avalon Air Shows

Countries UK, France, Australia

Industry Aerospace & Defence

Stand Size 120sqm - Chalet




Major Air Shows









Founded in 1939, Pilatus is a privately owned, internationally-oriented Swiss heritage brand. We partner with Pilatus across their global flagship airshows including Farnborough, Paris and Avalon.

Pilatus represents some of the best of aerospace engineering; products that are number one worldwide in their niche sector with a brand that has always stood for Swiss quality, precision and innovation.

The booth design for the company encapsulates this: portraying the brand story and creating the Pilatus experience on-stand for their customers.

Our designs range from large exhibition stands to chalets, incorporating hospitality areas, VIP entrances, private lounges, meeting spaces and corporate entertainment areas. It also includes displays for the company’s range of aircraft - from the innovative PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, capable of landing on short, unprepared runways, to the PC-21, The Next Generation Trailer and the PC-24 –  always embodying the brand’s emphasis on quiet confidence, precision-engineering and its ‘Crafted in Switzerland’ core message.


As companies, Pilatus and Ignition also synergise when it comes to strong environmental credentials, with Pilatus certified to ISO 14001 for environmental management, whilst we were the first exhibition design company ever to be awarded ISO 2012-1, in recognition of our record in sustainable events management.