We’ve joined the ESSA Board

We’re pleased to announce that our Business Manager, Hannah Jardine has been voted onto the ESSA Board.  

Ignition are also members of ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association), which is the trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry.

The ESSA membership badge is increasingly seen as a mark of quality and accountability within our industry and membership allows members the opportunity to influence key initiatives that have a direct impact upon the whole sector.

With Hannah’s experience and the rest of the team at Ignition, we hope to positively impact changes within the events industry, share our knowledge, as well as learn from our industry peers.

I’m delighted to join the ESSA Board and I look forward to making membership more meaningful for all, collaborating with fellow members and bringing new strategies and fresh perspectives.
— Hannah Jardine

Here are a few quick links to find out more:

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