Sustainable event management

Our CEO Sam Rowe provided a talk on sustainable event management.  

Alongside other contributors, Sam Rowe supported a recent conference which aimed to inspire the community with a programme of influential event professionals, each providing unique insights to help design and create better events.

Sam Rowe’s talk ‘A Sustainable State of Mind’ discussed and shared ideas, trends and innovation for exemplary events. You can be assured that we spoke from experience as the first company in our sector to receive ISO 2012-1 accreditation for Sustainable Event Management.

Session overview

Ideas, trends and innovations for exemplary events

An effective sustainable event requires real commitment on the part of organisers, as well as state-of-the-art knowledge – and also a degree of creativity and innovation. The most important factor is to be a true champion of sustainability from the outset, always looking to see what can be done better and ensuring a virtuous circle by setting standards for all the companies and organisations involved.

This presentation will cover tips, ideas and trends from the macro to the micro, from creating sustainable policies for events, demanding more of venues and buildings and eradicating waste in everything from ticketing and badging to food and drink provision. Finally, ideas for how to make everyone involved into a champion of sustainability too, helping everyone raise benchmark standards.