One change to create a sustainable meeting

Carrie Logie - Vice President, Client Services discusses sustainable meetings and events with Associations Now.

Going green for your next meeting or event doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you decide to take big steps or start small, there are plenty of changes which will make a difference.

We encourage clients to go down the route of reducing and reusing, to look holistically at the bigger picture, incorporating sustainability and modularity within their entire event or exhibition programme.

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Carrie Logie commented within the article:

“Organizations can also plan to design most of their booth space using all reusable materials.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In the exhibit space it comes down to custom modularity. This means designing a beautiful custom booth out of completely reusable components. That not only is environmentally friendly but is also a huge cost savings to our clients and an efficient execution of exhibits.

“An Ignition pharmaceutical client recently exhibited at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners’ annual conference in Indianapolis. Ignition repurposed an exhibit booth the client had already used at two other conferences, reconfiguring it into the right size and scale for the Indy event. Not only was there a reduction in expense to the client and elimination of waste, but we also supported brand messaging by keeping the look and feel consistent.”

Carrie Logie - Vice President, Client Services

Carrie Logie - Vice President, Client Services