Reporting back from Paris Air Show 2019

The best and the brightest of the aerospace industry show off their latest innovations and technological developments.

The logistics and design that go into putting on a show of this nature can’t be underestimated: bringing some of the largest, newest and most ground-breaking aircraft in the world to one location and then finding ways to demonstrate their features effectively challenges the ingenuity and creativity of all those involved. This means that when we attend with our aerospace clients, it’s always a learning experience as well as a proud one.


Here are some of the highlights our team spotted while we were out and about:

  • Creating a stir at the show was GE’s GE9X engine, the largest ever for a commercial airliner, measuring 123 inches in diameter. It’s so large that the chalet had to be built around the 16-bladed engine, rather than bringing it in after the build, and it stands so high it fills both storeys of the building.

  • Music to our ears was the joint commitment on sustainability announced by the Chief Technology Officers of seven major manufacturers. Through developing more sustainable aviation fuel, as well as advances in engine efficiencies, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, artificial intelligence, materials and manufacturing, these manufacturers are determined to meet the industry’s commitment to halving emissions by 2050. It can’t come soon enough.

  • This commitment to innovation makes the aerospace industry an exciting career choice for young people, and the Paris Air Show reflects this with a dedicated Careers Plane area to inspire the next generation of engineers. Judging by the queues and spectators, the VR installations also sparked a huge amount of excitement, from the chance to pilot a Dassault Rafale Fighter to Spheres, an immersive and mesmerising trip to the cosmos produced by Darren Aronofsky.

  • When can you build a fighter jet in only 2,500 hours? When it’s made of LEGO. A full size replica of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter jet has been delighting young and old visitors to the show alike. (Did you know you can also build a machine to make paper aeroplanes out of LEGO? We didn’t until now.)

  • And last but not least, our chalet for clients Pilatus was looking impressive when we dropped by. We’ve been working with Pilatus for 5 years on their air show presence, and we think this year is the best yet! With an outdoor terrace providing space for entertaining as well as affording the best view of the Pilatus display aircraft on show opposite, this year’s chalet was designed to maximise the use of natural light, and featured a striking Swiss Alps inspired artwork to set the tone.


As all the aircraft head back to their respective homes and we take a short rest to recover, we’ve loved the positive commitment to innovation of this year’s show. The designs of stands and chalets seemed to reflect a new way of thinking, with different materials being used to place the emphasis firmly on hospitality and human interaction. It seems fitting that an industry that constantly breaks new ground in technology should have an equally impressive event associated with it: we can’t wait to see what next year’s Farnborough show brings.


Pilatus Aircraft’s Chalet designed and built by Ignition

Fanuc Robot M-200 Motorised Video Wall

VR installationhe chance to pilot a Dassault Rafale Fighter

VR installation providing the chance to pilot a Dassault Rafale Fighter

Dessault Aviation VR Wall